December 31, 2012

Challenge Completed: 366 Days Without Shopping / Desafio completado: 366 dias sem comprar

We did it. We (and of course I'm using "we" on the royal sense of the word, because really I mean me, but I don't want to sound braggy) made it to the last day of the year without shopping.  Out of my credit card, not one dollar was spent on clothes or accessories for myself (I did buy a few gifts to friends, though). New pieces did get into my wardrobe, but all coming from gifts (Happy Birthday to me!), pieces I made (Hello new hobby!), or even pieces I traded. And I'm happy to be here today, writing the last post of the year (only fitting since I also wrote the first). It's been quite a journey.

So I feel like it's time to look back at this one year of not shopping, and sharing with you my favorite looks, and at the same time reflect on this challenge.

I really, really, really liked this look I came up with this past January. I have not worn those pieces together again like this, which is a pity, but it's reminiscent of my first try into something similar to what I had seen online and wanted to try making it "mine." It's in essence, a very Anita look. The pleated skirt, the heart sweater, and all the crazy details without being really crazy. And it's cute, so incredibly cute, the thing that ultimately is what I want my style to be. 

I love those photos, and it was the first time we got a guest photographer on Occupy the Wardrobe, my incredibly-talented friends from Awen Photography. The photoshoot was a blast, Grand America Hotel still had their lights up from Christmas, and it's really a fabulous location in Salt Lake City. Wish all my outfit pictures were taken there! The look is also one of my staples: pencil skirt with buttoned-down shirt. And the bag in this picture, was probably the item that saw the most use this year. 

The Black and White week was probably my favorite because, as you probably already noticed, black is the staple color in my wardrobe. I've always felt it was the more rock'n'roll of all colors, therefore the best to wear. This look was fun because I felt like an Italian girl walking through New York City on fashion week. It might have been the leather jacket with pencil skirt, or maybe the location (Salt Lake City's public library), but whatever it was, my photographer and friend Janey is incredible at capturing life. 

But there is a small chance that the look above was my all-time favorite in this incredible year of Occupy the Wardrobe. I put it together to go to the Opera with my friends, and felt like a princess. Everything in it was flawless (okay, except that maybe I with the shoes were in a different color to better match the tights) and delicate, and the end of the day light probably made those my favorite pictures of the year. Kudos to my photographer and boyfriend Michael Boyle who shot most of the pictures this year. 

Another fun look from this year, when the temperatures were raising and I was able to expose a bit more skin. This time of the year was also the hardest to resist shopping. With the new season and all new trends, I was craving really bad colored jeans and asymmetrical skirts, and with that, my resolve to learn how to sew clothes only strengthened. Since January, I was taking classes to learn how to sew, and was doing good progress. Around this time I decided to try to venture myself into making mint colored pants, but it wouldn't be till a couple more months till I actually tried—and succeeded. 

I went crazy for this bow-tie that belongs to Mike, and this was just the first of many forays into his wardrobe for clothes. The mint skirt, was my first attempt at sewing with a pattern, and they turned out pretty good. I wanted to test my skills on something simple before I tackled the pants patterns I had. I love how the colors match in this look, it was another one of my adventures this year into trying to come up with something different out of all the old things in my wardrobe. That chambray shirt was definitely a good purchase from last year, and I wish I had wore this bow-tie other times, but alas, I forgot how to tie it. 

Vica challenged me with yellow not one time this year, but THREE. Yellow is by far my least favorite color (and hers) so God only knows why she decided to challenge me with yellow three times this year. But somehow, I ended up really liking this look, but I think it was not because of the yelloe, but because of the combination of the pencil skirt, the blazer, the t-shirt, and those super gorgeous heels. This post also marks my favorite shoe shot of the year, courtesy of my friend Shalese Cordon. Also, I have amazing legs, and they look even better tanned in the summer.

This outfit was so much fun, I ended up wearing something very similar to it when I traveled to Disneyland. But seriously, how awesome it is to wear something that is SO cute, and at the same time so comfortable, you can go on all the rides and walk all day and end up with awesome pictures of yourself on a place that everyone tends to wear crappy outfits and look ridiculous in photos (been there).

Not my favorite photo of myself, but I could not let you hanging on the story of my skinny mint pants! So here they are, and the look I wore for our vintage-themed week. It's pretty cute, right? There are still a few things that I thing I could have done better with those pants, but maybe next time I try to make some with this fabric I'll know better. Also, since I don't have a lot of notions of how much fabric I need for stuff, I bought so much yardage of this green twill, I still have enough fabric for another pair of pants. Maybe when I wear this one off I can make a new one!

Oh boy, the crazy monochromatic look that I went ALL out with neon orange. I won't lie, I love it. But in the end, I lost my courage and didn't actually wore it all like this outside, in the wild. I changed into black flats, but that was about it. I do think I looked like a walking cone, but I had fun trying something that is so completely out of my comfort zone. I feel like a lot of this year's challenge was about that: getting out of your comfort zone, trying something you wouldn't on different circumstances. And it pays off, even if you won't wear this crazy thing again. 

My birthday this year ended up being pretty awesome. I think all my friends felt sorry for me not shopping for a year, and they worked extra hard finding me some of the best gifts I ever got! The dress I wore for the challenge in the week after my birthday was a gift from my friend Ana. The color and fit is amazing, and a great dress to wear to work or out! Plus, who can resist the amazing backdrop of my college? Westminster is definitely the prettiest campus in Utah, and another reason why I enjoyed taking outfit pictures there once in a while. This one was the first in front of Converse, but the Giovale Library also featured in a few of my shoots!

My Halloween look has to be the best thing I ever sew. I got the pattern for an early 1800s dress, and more fabric yardage I had ever bought in my life to make this gigantic and heavily pleated dress. It turned out beautifully though, and I am SO proud of myself. Every day this year, I got more and more in love with sewing, and I can't believe I would have ever started doing it if it wasn't for Occupy the Wardrobe.  Also, I can't thank enough my friend Jen Jenkins for her support through this project, sewing, and the awesome bonnet she made for my Halloween costume and totally made the look.

And as the year progressed, I felt like I got better and better at taking pictures of myself! Mike was always a great help, but I enjoyed being the one behind (and in front of) the camera, so armed with my tripod and remote control, I've been trying more and more to take my own photos. 

I don't know what the new year holds for us, but I know I don't want to stop Occupy the Wardrobe. It's been an incredible year with so much learning, amazing new blogger friends, adventures, savings, and being creative with what I own. I can't say I'll have a hard time going back to shopping because I won't, but I hope I can stay creative with how I dress and aware of how I spend my money. There are better things to spend it at than clothes. 

I'll see you in 2013!

December 28, 2012

Reflections on (almost) a year without buying / Reflexões sobre um ano (quase) sem comprar

31 weeks - 31 semanas

Long time no see. But I'm still here! As you already know, I'm pregnant. When I last wrote here, I was 20 weeks pregnant and had already bought a thing or two. First I had to buy underwear, because my boobs got quite bigger. Then I had to buy shoes, because most of my shoes were high heels, not a little bit comfortable for a pregnant lady.

Then I bought a dress, because I needed something bigger. I have quite a lot of dresses, but they are not for pregnant ladies. Now I am 31 weeks and I bought a new (and huge) dress for New Year's Eve and a bikini, because we are going to the beach and my bikinis are all small (I never had big breasts and only wore bikinis when thin). As my belly is much bigger and I've put quite a lot of weight (13 kilos or almost 29 pounds), I really needed new clothes.

But I decided not to buy pants (it's summer here now and I'm ok with dresses), nor other kind of accessories (and I desperately need a new leather bag!). I'm postponing these buys for 2013, after the challenge ends.

This blog was very helpful this year. I had time to review my shopping (bad) habits and then I started to apply the not buying concept to other things, even groceries. I managed to save money and my goal for 2013 is to save even more (I'll have my baby then, but I think I'll be able to continue this frugal behaviour).

As for my baby girl, I managed to apply the no buying to her. Of course I bought diapers, cute little outfits and stuff. But I know I managed to keep it under control. I see other moms to be around me going completely wild on baby shopping. I'm very lucky because I got a lot of presents.

New shoes from Chara Rial - Sapatos novos da Chara Rial

What will be the challenge for 2013? Go back to shopping without over spending. Making sensible shopping choices. Keeping my baby dressed on a low budget. She'll become a part of Occupy the Wardrobe as well. Let's see how we manage this.

I hope you all have a great start for 2013!

Há quanto tempo! Mas ainda estou aqui! Como vocês já sabem, estou grávida. Quando escrevi por último aqui, eu estava de 20 semanas e já tinha comprado uma coisinha ou outra. Primeiro precisei de roupas de baixo, porque meus seios cresceram um tanto. Depois tive que comprar sapatos, porque a maioria dos meus sapatos é de salto, nem um pouco confortáveis para uma senhora grávida.

28 weeks, still fitting in one of my old dresses - 28 semanas, ainda servindo num dos meus vestidos antigos

Então eu comprei um vestido, porque eu precisava de algo maior. Eu tenho um monte de vestidos, mas não são para mulheres grávidas. Agora estou 31 semanas e comprei um vestido (enorme e) novo para a véspera de Ano Novo e um biquíni, porque nós estamos indo para a praia e os meus biquínis são todos pequenos (eu nunca tive seios grandes e só usava biquínis quando magra). Como a minha barriga está muito maior e eu engordei um tanto (13 quilos), eu realmente precisava de roupas novas.

Mas eu decidi não comprar calças (é verão aqui agora e eu estou bem com vestidos), nem outro tipo de acessórios (e eu preciso desesperadamente de uma bolsa de couro nova!). Eu estou adiando essas compras para 2013, após o término do desafio.

                                                         Before - Antes                                             
                                                                                                              After - Depois (27 weeks / 27 semanas)

Este blog foi muito útil este ano. Eu tive tempo para rever meus (maus) hábitos de consumir e então eu comecei a aplicar o conceito de não comprar a outras coisas, até mesmo mantimentos. Eu consegui economizar dinheiro e minha meta para 2013 é economizar ainda mais (eu vou ter o meu bebê, então, mas eu acho que vou ser capaz de continuar este comportamento frugal).

Quanto à minha menina, eu consegui aplicar o não comprar a ela. É claro que eu comprei fraldas, roupas bonitinhas e tal. Mas eu sei que consegui manter os impulsos consumistas sob controle. Eu vejo outras mães perto de mim completamente malucas comprando coisas de bebê de maneira compulsiva. Eu tenho muita sorte, porque eu ganhei um monte de presentes.

Qual será o desafio para 2013? Volte para compras sem mais gastos. Fazer escolhas comerciais sensíveis. Mantendo meu bebê vestido com um baixo orçamento. Ela vai se tornar parte de ocupar o guarda-roupa também. Vamos ver como conseguimos isso.

Espero que todos tenham um ótimo começo para 2013!

December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays! / Felizes festas!

Merry Christmas! Well, it was technically yesterday, but today we're still enjoying the aftermath of the holiday, the leftover food, the sales (not me!), and the gifts! So I wanted to share with you one of my Christmas gifts, this awesome party dress. I feel I'm an extra in Mad Men party with it.

Feliz Natal! Bom, tecnicamente foi ontem, mas como ainda estamos aproveitando o feriado, a comida que sobrou, as liquidações (não eu, juro!) e os presentes, vai um feliz natal de novo! Queria compartilhar um presente que eu ganhei, esse lindo vestido de festa! Me sinto totalmente parte do cast de Mad Men usando ele.

Dress: Jennifer Lopez for Kohls (gift - more JLo dresses here) | Belt: Ruche (seen here before)
Heels: MIA (seen here and here before) | Bracelet: Forever 21 (seen here before)

December 24, 2012

Monday Inspiration: Deck the Halls / Inspiração de 2a feira: canções de natal

Ho ho ho, merry Christmas! And merry last full week of Occupy the Wardrobe! I feel like first I should clarify that this week is not the end of Occupy the Wardrobe, it's just the final days of our challenge of not shopping for a year, to which, all seems to indicate, I will succeed bravely! What better Christmas gift than this one, the satisfaction of knowing that I took this challenge, that many thought it was crazy, all the way through the end. In fact, I loved it so much, I might do another year!

Ho ho ho, feliz natal! E feliz última semana de Occupy the Wardrobe! Primeiro preciso esclarecer que essa semana não é o fim do Occupy the Wardrobe, são apenas os últimos dias do nosso desafio de não comprar por um ano, e, ao que tudo indica, vou cumpri-lo com louvor! Que melhor presente de natal do que este: a satisfação de saber que eu aceitei esse desafio, que muitos disseram ser louco, e consegui levá-lo até o final. Na verdade, gostei tanto, que é capaz que eu faça de novo noutro ano!


(Just kidding)

I hope you are now home enjoying a day off work, sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, and spending today and tomorrow in the company of your favorite people in the world—or at least your cats. For our inspiration post this week, I wanted to find some cool looks you could wear this Holiday season. Enjoy the inspiration:

Espero que você esteja em casa agora, aproveitando um dia de folga, tomando um chocolate quente na frente da lareira (mas se você está no Brasil, espero que esteja na beira de uma piscina tomando algo bem gelado) e passando os dias de hoje e amanhã na companhia das pessoas que você mais gosta no mundo - ou ao menos na companhia de seus gatos. Para nosso post de inspiração dessa semana, quis encontrar alguns looks para serem usados durantes as festas de final de ano. Espero que gostem da inspiração:

From Anthropologie's Catalog

Jessica Quirk, from What I Wore

Krystal, from This Time Tomorrow

December 19, 2012

It's the End of the World as We Knew It / É o fim do mundo como o conhecíamos

So allegedly the world ends this Friday. Yes, again. I mean, I have survived so many alleged world ends, that I feel I should have a t-shirt with "I survived _____ (fill in the blank with the latest world-end prophecy)" for every one. But still, I thought the world-end theme was a funny idea, so today I'll give you what I'm planning to be wearing this Friday, end-of-the-days day.

Então o mundo supostamente acaba essa sexta-feira. Sim, de novo. Quer dizer, eu já sobrevivi a tantos supostos fins do mundo, que eu acho que devia usar uma camiseta "Eu sobrevivi ___________ (complete com a mais recente profecia sobre o fim do mundo)" para cada um desses eventos. De qualquer maneira, achei que o tema "fim do mundo" era uma idéia divertida e vou contar o que estou planejando usar na sexta-feira, dia do fim do mundo.

Since we're in the middle of the winter, I'll probably need to keep warm with a good sweater, and also comfortable to run from zombies or something. And the kitty beanie is just because I don't plan on loosing my humor over the world ending. Hope you enjoy!

Como estamos no meio do inverno, provavelmente precisarei manter-me quentinha com um bom suéter, e também confortável se tiver que correr de zumbis ou algo parecido. E a touquinha de gato é porque não pretendo perder meu bom humor só porque o mundo vai acabar. Espero que gostem!

Cat Beanie: H&M | Sweater: LOFT | Jeans: Forever 21 (seen here before)
Boots: Wanted (seen here and here before)

December 17, 2012

Monday Inspiration because it might be our last! / Inspiração de 2a feira: porque pode ser a nossa última!

So the world might end this Friday, and we don't know what to expect or how it will happen, but one thing is for sure: not even with the threat of global apocalypse will I go shopping before 2012 is over. Now, what to wear on the big day?

I think some people will opt for the practical, since they might be expecting natural disasters or zombies, so for them comfort and practicality is key: cargo pants, military books, coats with lots of pockets, and a backpack full of emergency supplies and an occasional baseball bat.

Others, like me, will probably want to toast the end of the world in style. Since we can't make it to an Oscar red carpet, might as well take this chance to wear the most extravagant gown we can find in our closets. Cheers!

Tiffany, Alexander McQueen, and Loubotin... Oh no, I can't find any of those in my wardrobe, but a girl can dream, right?
... ah, não tenho nenhum desses no meu armário, mas uma garota pode sonhar, certo?

What will you be wearing to celebrate the end of the world?

O mundo acaba nessa sexta-feira, e não sabemos o que esperar ou o que vai acontecer, mas uma coisa é certa: nem mesmo a ameaça de um apocalipse global vai me fazer ir às compras antes de 2012 acabar. Mas o que usar no "grande dia"?

Acho que algumas pessoas vão optar por algo prático, já que vão estar esperando desastres naturais ou zumbis. Assim, conforto e praticidade são essenciais: calças cargo, botas militares, casaco com muitos bolsos, uma mochila cheia de itens de primeira necessidade e um taco de baseball por via das dúvidas.

Outras pessoas, como eu, vão preferir brindar o fim do mundo com estilo. E já que não vamos conseguir chegar no tapete vermelho do Oscar, podemos usar as melhores roupas que temos em nossos armários! Feliz fim do mundo!

O que você vai estar vestindo para o final do mundo?

December 12, 2012

Welcome to Hogwarts!

This end of the year has been insanely busy! So my post this week will be a quick one, but the outfit is still a winner! Don't I look like I'm just on my way to Hogwarts?

Scarf: Forever 21 | Beanie: Forever 21 (seen here and here before)
Sweater: Ben Sherman (yup, I have it in 6 different colors)
Skirt: Loft (seen here before) | Boots: Wanted

December 10, 2012

Monday Inspiration: Gray & Yellow

THREE weeks to go till I can shop again guys! I think I'll prepare something special for next week so I can have YOU help me choose where I should shop first... and what should I buy! I think it would be a fun thing to do considering how long you've been here following our progress and rooting for it to succeed!

In the meantime, enjoy the inspiration for this gray (well, mostly white now with all the snow) afternoon: Gray and Yellow!

Images: Pinterest 
Hat: How Cute Are You? Etsy shop