January 28, 2013

Have We Talked About my Cat-Shirt Addiction?

Have I told you about my cat t-shirt collection? It started casually, when I got that Sockington (the most famous cat on twitter) t-shirt you see pictured on the left, and it just grew from there. It wasn't my intention to have a cat t-shirt collection, but it happened, and now I LOVE it! This weekend I wore the first and last cat shirts I bought. Hope you enjoy the outfits! 

Outfit 1: 
Cat Shirt: Sockington | Necklace: Express (last seen here)
Cardigan: J.Crew (NEW, and still on sale here) | Skirt: Loft (NEW!)
Tights: gift (NEW!) | Boots: Wanted (NEW! and still available here)

I wore this to: run errands, on January 26, 2013

Outfit 2:
Cat Shirt: Hey Chickadee (NEW! and still available here)
Bolero: Loft | Jeans: Zara (last seen here) | Necklace: Disney (last seen here)
Boots: Wanted (NEW! and still available here)

I wore this to: grocery shopping, on January 27, 2013

And now I finish by asking: what's your favorite famous cat (of the internet or beyond?)


  1. I love the Space cats shirt!

    My favorite internet/famous cats are Oskar (& his brother Klaus):

    and Homer:

    Homer's mom Gwen wrote an awesome book.. it's called Homer's Odyssey, by Gwen Cooper, and if you're a cat lady, it's an AWESOME book.

    1. Aw how cute, both cats are blind too! I haven't heard of them, but now I'll definitely check out their adventures. And of course, if they have t-shirts, I'll probably be buying them.........


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