August 21, 2012

Like Audrey (?)

I swear this was the best photo that came out of the bunch. I just wasn't photogenic today.

The inspiration for my vintage look was Audrey Hepburn. We already had a Audrey theme week back in the first semester of the blog! But I didn't do a Audrey inspired look back then, because those awesome cigarette pants I'm wearing today, did not exist yet. I made them a while ago, and they were pretty easy!

But the cool thing about my outfit, is that the pearl necklace I'm wearing could be actually called vintage. But I'm not sure how vintage applies to jewelry, especially pearl necklaces. I could have just gotten it the year before, and it would look basically the same. But this one I'm wearing, used to belong to my grandma. It was a necklace with three strands of pearls, that she got it refashioned into 3 necklaces. The oldest cousin got the longest one, the youngest the shortest one, and I got the middle one (I'm not the middle cousin, though, I'm the second youngest!). And since my grandma passed away recently, and I've been thinking and missing her a lot lately, it just felt right to add her necklace to this look, and I don't care when it's from. It was hers.

A few months ago I wore this outfit to work, and I thought I was much more photogenic that day, and the nails were done too:

Pants: Self Made | Shirt: Forever 21 | Flats: Melissa

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