August 20, 2012

Inspiration Post: A Vintage Week / Semana Retro

Hello everyone! Our theme this week is another good one: vintage or vintage inspired! But I have to admit and say I'm not an expert on this theme, so I had to do some research before sharing my inspiration post, and I thought a few of you would enjoy it as well.

I found two ways to determine if a piece is vintage. Wikipedia said that vintage clothing is anything produced in the 1920s thru the 1960s, but I've also read (can't remember the source) that for an article to be considered vintage, it would have to been at least 20 years old (which makes sense when you see how many 80s clothes show up in vintage shops).

So now I go in search of inspiration of vintage and vintage inspired looks! I'll admit that I have been in a Mad Men kick lately (fantastic show) so I might be biased towards 50s and 60s pieces! But let me know in the comments of other great vintage or vintage inspired outfits that you see out there!

Dress: TimelessVixenVintage on Etsy

For this first outfit inspiration, I found this beautiful 1950s Hawaiian-print dress, and I thought it would be a super elegant dress for a weekday at work, especially with those hit summer temperatures! The dress is so loud and pretty, though, that I wanted to keep the rest of the ensemble clean and minimalistic. With a blazer on top (black or white) I'd be ready to work. 

Dress: AmouretteVintage on Etsy

I love this peplum 1980s dress that I saw at my friend's shop, Amourette Vintage (she has some really cute pieces for sale, you should check it out!). I think this would be the perfect dress for a girls' night out, so if I was wearing it today, I'd go all out with heavy gold jewelry and spiked high heels. 

Dress: Vintageous

This is a great look for St. Patrick's Day (yes, I'm being funny!). But I thought the gold and green together were so luxurious. With a dress like this, you don't really need much else in terms of accessories, just a few accents to make you shine (literally, apparently). 

Here are some more swoon-worthy pieces I found on Etsy:

And to get you inspired for the week, check out those vintage-inspired outfits by amazing blogger and photographer Jamie from From me To You (if you love photography and fashion, do add her blog to your daily readings! It's fantastic):

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