February 13, 2013

Sewing and Savings

I had an hour to spare last night, and decided to go through my stash of leftover fabric and come up with something. I had a turquoise twill leftover that I used already on two other garments, and some lace from my Halloween dress. I hunted for the easiest skirt pattern I had, and in a hour, I had this skirt (sorry for the crappy cell phone photo, I'll make a decent post with this look when I get home).

Then I posted the picture on Instagram, and someone told me they saw a similar skirt on clearance on a high end site for $100. Then I went to search for it, and found another one, somewhat similar, for $278 on the outnet. I guess lace over mint colored skirts are in. But my way was cheaper!

UPDATE: I took some decent photos of the skirt and the outfit. Enjoy!

The "is this camera working" fake pose. 

Sweater: Loft (last seen here)
Necklaces: both were gifts from a long time ago
Skirt: Self Made
Shoes: Mel by Melissa (NEW! more Melissa shoes here)

I wore this: to work, February 13, 2013.


  1. A saia não saiu 0, tens que considerar o custo do material e tua horinha de trabalho! :P

  2. A saia está linda, tens muito jeito mesmo!!!
    A saia parece super elegante mas parece que, conjugada com uma camisola escura, perde um pouco a sua beleza. Eu poria uma blusa branca. Mas está mesmo espectacular!!!

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