January 7, 2013

First Week of Shopping and KUTV Interview

Some people can't barely wait till the next day to wear a newly purchased outfit. I used to be like that too, I guess, but now 8 days in the new year that I can shop, I have not yet worn not even one of my new purchases yet. I think I'm still attached to my old closet, since the both of us had such great moments in 2012, it's been hard to let something new in!

Obviously I have already blew out my January budget for shopping, so I guess I'll now wait till Spring is actually here to shop again (might as well keep some semblance of Occupy the Wardrobe alive). In the meantime, I think I'll slowly take the new items out of the closet and mix them up with old ones. I'm making sure to only buy things I know that I absolutely love (like blazers, pleated skirts, and chambray shirts!) and that will match a lot of what I already own. So expect to seem them in my outfit posts for the next few weeks!

In the meantime, let leave you with this short interview about Occupy the Wardrobe on KUTV, and the outfit I wore for it (no new pieces, except for the necklace that was a birthday gift)!

I was pretty nervous, but it was a lot of fun to be on KUTV! Thanks for having me!

Leather Jacket: ArdenB (seen herehere, and here before) 
Chambray Shirt: Ralph Lauren (seen hereherehere, and here before)
Skirt: Loft (seen herehere, and here before) | Tights: Target (seen here before)
Heels: Nine West (seen herehere, and here before) | Necklace: Threadsence (birthday gift)
Belt: Forever 21 (seen so many times here I didn't have the patience to link!)

I wore this to: KUTV for an Interview about Occupy the Wardrobe, on January 7, 2013

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