January 31, 2013

Color Blocking... Sort of.

Life has been CRAZY busy lately. I've been taking some great webinar classes after work, and freelancing some small projects, and working on a duvet-cover/quilt for my bed (you can see my progress here). So that's why I'm only sharing the look I wore on Monday today! I decided to revisit some of my favorite themes from last year's challenges, but this time making sure I'm wearing something new! This week, I revisited our color block week, well, sort of. Last minute, I threw in a striped shirt instead, so I won't claim this is a total color block, but let's concentrate on the bright green blazer and vivid purple pants, shall we? Color block gold.

Blazer: Kohls (NEW! similar styles from Kohls here) | Striped Shirt: Forever 21 (last seen here)
Necklace: A-Thread (last seen here) | Skinny Jeans: Old Navy (last seen here)
Flats: Bought on Ideel (NEW!)

I wore this to: Work, on January 28, 2013

On another note, I have to share the "Sockington effect," as I'm calling it. This tiny cute kitty, who has a tremendous following on twitter (well deserved) tweeted my cat-shirt outfit (I was wearing his face on my shirt, after all), and I got such a spike of views on that post, that my pageviews graphic looks prety funny right now:

Cool, huh? Thanks Sockington! Much love and kibble for you.

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  1. Adorei esse blazer! E o look ficou ótimo!


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