November 9, 2012

Shopping Wishlist

I can't help it! We're less than two months away from being able to shop again, and I'm already creating wishlists on my head. Here are a few things that I'd be hoping to get in the new year:

Ruche Fond Memories Dress

As you can see, I'm mostly pining for basic pieces, things that I can wear to the office on a daily basis and that look good and match well with everything else. I'm looking forward to be able to shop again, and I think I'm almost set on which direction I want to take in my life regarding to shopping when the year of Occupying my Wardrobe ends. 



  1. That's quite a list! Will you be out right after New Year's day?

    1. I wish! I'll be on the road! My shopping will probably only happen after I arrive back in SLC!


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