May 10, 2012

The girl who couldn't make up her mind about Jeans

Nota: este post é bilíngue, a tradução para o português está no final do post, em itálico.

*Yes, I mean "Denim." It was late when I edited those!  

Yup, I just couldn't make up my mind on which jeans inspired outfit to share with you guys today. I wanted to come up with a unexpected jeans look, I really didn't want to just wear a pair of jeans. I also knew that I wanted to wear this jeans shirt that is one of my favorite things in my wardrobe.

But that was about it. That was all I knew I wanted. Then last week I wore the shirt with a skirt and cute bow tie, but then this week I wore a 70s inspired all denin look. I loved them both, so I decided to share both with you, instead of just one, since I couldn't make up my mind!

The first look, I wore last week to work. The store behind the bow tie is the following; apparently, the one day I took off work (I don't do that very often) everyone on my office decided that bow-ties is "our thing." You know, as the thing that makes us different? It's all because our current VP wears bow-ties all the time, and we had an event where he taught students how to tie a bow-tie, and everyone in the office wore bow-ties to the event. I saw the pictures, it looked super cute. So I decided to jump on the bow-tie wagon by borrowing Mike's bow tie (the only one he has) and learning how to tie it with a YouTube video.

 Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren (seen here before) | Bow-tie: Penguin (borrowed from the boyfriend) | Belt: Forever 21 |
Skirt: Made it myself | Heels: Guess (seen here before)

The second look I wore this week, I almost didn't post after seeing Stephanie's look on her guest post yesterday. But in the end I decided I should just do it, because I really did like how it looked on me, even though the photos were a little bleh. All jeans, with the pants flaring a little bit. My inspiration for this look was actually from Death Cab for Cutie's video, "Stay Young, Go Dancing."

 Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren (seen here before) | Trousers: Express (seen here before)
 Heels: Guess (seen here before) | Bracelet: Gift

And to finish off this post, a few more cool ways to wear jeans, this time with pictures from some of my favorite bloggers:

Jeans Skirt and stripes, via The Sartorialist | Head to toe jeans with neon and neutral accessories, via Pink Peonies |
Jeans shirt and animal print: What I Wore | Jeans Jacket and a bright summer dress, via This Time Tomorrow

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  1. Lovvvvvvve the bow-tie! And I think your skirt looks fantastic.


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